• How You Can Fix Traffic Drops After A Website Redesign

    It does not matter how good looking your website was when you first time launched it, on a cirtain point every website can get a benefit from redesign. Provided that the search engines updated its algorithm frequently, regular shifts in consumer internet use can be impossible for an outdated website to bring the resluts that you desire.

    If you currently launched your website redesign you are most likely too much excited to see the outcomes of your redesigned website, like traffic increase, conversions and sales.

    Causes for traffic drops after a redesign

    1. Redirects

    You need to set up proper redirects. After redesign of your website if you change your URL structure of newly designed pages then that may browsers or Search engines not recognize properly. You need to set the redirects from old URL to new URL properly. If you are not sure how to do that, then get help now.

    2. Site structure

    Website structure plays very important role in how Google indexes and understands your website. If it drastically changed during redesign process, you will need to create a new sitemap. Your sitemap provides a basic listing of all of the important pages on your website, and you can submit it to the Google Search Console to speed up the process of re-indexing your pages and restoring your traffic levels. If you confused how to do this into your website then get help now from an expert.

    How to avoid traffic drops during a redesign

    1. Make SEO part of the process

    Ask your website redesigner to talk with a SEO specialist throughout the process. The suggestion from a seo specialist can avoid serious issues that result in traffic loss.

    2. Plan your new site architecture and crawl your existing site

    Before you start redesigning your website you need to take a full record or back up of your website. There are many free tools available in the web, you can use those. This will make sure to you that you have a copy of your current website. You also can use those information to newly designed website. You can also use it to build out a new site architecture.

    3. Set up 301 redirects

    If you make a new page structure and use the content that have before in the page then you should fix the URL redirects. You need to do 301 (permanent) Redirects of your old page link to newly designed page. this tells search engine crawlers that the page has permanently moved. If you are not sure how to do that, reach to a SEO consultant for help.

    4. Create a new sitemap

    Before release your website to web, you should also create a new sitemap that includes all of the most important pages on your site. Do not know how to do that? Ask for assistance from professionals.

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