• 5 Data Visualization Tools

    Data is very important to a website. And it’s indeed that you need to represent data innovative way. Adding a dash of visual appeal to raw data can make it easily appealing. Making you data more user-friendly out to any user who are visiting your website, selecting a data visualization tool is a must choice. Here we will discuss about some data visualizations tool that is most popular and free too.

    1. D3.js

    This simply called D3 — is the most well-known data visualization library today. D3 gives developers the ability to create complex charts and graphs. It uses open web technologies — HTML, SVG, and CSS — which is best if you care about cross-platform support (because iOS/Android apps, desktop apps, web browsers, and other such platforms can all run these web technologies).

    Here is a sample of D3.js –

    2. Fusion Charts

    FusionCharts has a collection of over 90 charts and more than 960 maps which can serve the full range of needs of developers and professional data visualization experts. FusionCharts is device/platform-agnostic and works easily with both JSON and XML data formats. You can test this for free of cost before you purchase this.

    Here is a sample of Fusion Charts –

    3. Tableau Public

    This is easy to use, and free. With lot of arsenal of graphs, maps, and charts, it is a firm favorite for the non-developer audience.

    Have a look at this visualization of the history ( of the Dow 30 to get an idea of what Tableau can do for your data visualization projects.

    4. Charted

    It is very easy to use. You have to upload a CSV file, or a Google Sheets link, and it will generate the chart for you. Top of that, it refreshes your chart every 30 minutes, so your chart’s data source remains fairly up-to-date.

    Charted service is free. Its source code also freely available, here it is

    5. Google Charts

    Google has data represent or visualization charts. They are user-friendly and compatible with all browsers and platforms. It cover upto a wide range of data visualization types — from simple line and bar graphs to complex hierarchical tree maps — making Google charts suitable for almost any project.

    Check out the Google Charts gallery :

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